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14th of January 2012, Bucharest, Romania -

11:30PM >> One of my friends calls me telling that some people have gathered on the streets of Bucharest protesting against the President and the Government. In a few minutes I grab my camera and hurry to the main square to see what’s really happening. The moment I arrive the riot police is forcing the eviction of all the protesters from the square. It’s tension, people are shouting and screaming, the police officer keeps repeating: “Please leave. What you are doing is against the law. We will use force.” It’s the first time I witness such events. I feel that I have to document, to keep a visual diary of what is and what will be happening in the following days, weeks, months.

For almost one year I go regularly to Piaţa Universităţii (University Square) to witness the events and meet the people involved. I build connections and friendships, I start to realize the importance of being back on the street, to address issues, to debate, to protest.

In 1989, when the Romanian revolution took place I was 10 years old. I still remember the images shown on TV, images of the army patrolling the streets, of the people being shot, of violence, but also of immense solidarity between the people. Sometimes, in the middle of the events of 2012 these images come back to me. It is the same space, sometimes the same people, many of them older, changed, transformed by a post-communist society that doesn't give them to many hopes.

For me, this film, besides being a visual diary of the events I witnessed, it represents a possibility to investigate my role as a film-maker to represent reality and to question the society I live in.