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Evgeny Gusyatinskiy (Rotterdam Film Festival Programmer):

"Vlad Petri followed the Romanian protesters who occupied the streets of Bucharest two years ago. A poignant documentary about people who are devastated and impulsive, lost and encouraged, all at once. And about a revolution that becomes a tragic absurdity.

Twenty-three years after the Romanian Revolution, Bucharest is rebelling again. The elderly, the unemployed, youngsters, students, police officers, town crackpots, political activists and philistines all gather in the streets of the city, overwhelmed by a common desire for a better life, though none of them have a clear, practical understanding of what kind of life that should be.

iffrVlad Petri followed their stories for one year, from the first days of the anti-government protests to the time of the referendum against the president. His personal attitude and understanding of the events go much deeper than the political dimension of the protests: he presents this contemporary revolution as a theatre of the absurd, an improvised spectacle made by people who are lost but still hold on to their hopes and illusions. All of them are desperately looking for something they probably will never find, or even for something that just does not exist anymore."