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An interview by Ana-Maria Sandu with Vlad Petri (published on 27.03.2014):

What is the most important thing for you as a documentary filmmaker? This subject is hard, people's messages are often contradictory, but the one thing that binds everything is a kind of humanity. In my opinion, you succeeded to capture a contradictory and unleashed world, without judging it.

We live in a world full of value judgments. Whether it is television or newspapers, blogs, social media, everyone expresses his/her's opinion, makes judgments, attacks or praises. I feel that I am a mediator and do not want to judge through film. And the people I've filmed are wonderful, each in his/her's own ways.


What was the hardest moment while making this film? The moments/the characters are memorable, each in it's own way.

As always during editing, it is difficult when you leave out certain things. We were attached to certain situations and to the people I filmed, but we had to make decisions about continuity, rhythm, intelligibility, the dynamics of the space and so on. We were interested to show the heterogeneity of protesters and I believe that all these issues put pressure on us during the editing period. We were feeling responsible to what we leave in the final version and this wasn't only connected to a desire to have a coherent film, but to the need to represent as faithfully as possible what I have witnessed while filming the protests. We wanted to offer our viewers a space of inquiry and a film which can make room for new questions.

You can read the whole article on the website of Dilema veche (only in Romanian)